“You are here in this world not to be any one else but you”

“If you searching for one person that will change your life, look in the mirror”

If you want to be yourself and still connect to the society and the world, we’re on the same page. I used to lost my self for so long because I wanted to get approval in almost everything I do. Yet at some point, something inside of me just burst out and explode, a sign of they wanting a reclamation. Almost every night, I woke up and cried for no reason. I started to hate people around me because I thought they are the one who responsible for making me not being me. Until one day, I realized I’m free and worth to be my self. God sent me here in this world not to follow what other people think and expect. I’m here to serve the world with my gift. My gift not be the same like others. It’s unique in its own way. From then, I learn to see my self in different way. This blog is the journey of being authentic and showing authentic persona to the world. I hope all of us can live with love and peace within the self.

About Maida

Life Coach and Personality Enhancement Trainer


Maida Tiva Althia has educational background of Radio / TV Broadcasting in Illionis, USA. She started her career in Indonesia as a project officer in RAL FM Radio, Manado. At that moment, she start to love the disciple of human development. After successfully increasing the quality of human resources and placing RAL FM back to Manado’s favourite radio, this acoustic-enthusiast is even moved to help others in optimalizing their potential and helping them finding their true self.

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