Maida Novriza

Life Coach and Personality Enhancement Trainer


Maida Tiva Althia has educational background of Radio / TV Broadcasting in Illionis, USA. She started her career in Indonesia as a project officer in RAL FM Radio, Manado. At that moment, she start to love the disciple of human development. After successfully increasing the quality of human resources and placing RAL FM back to Manado’s favourite radio, this acoustic-enthusiast is even moved to help others in optimalizing their potential and helping them finding their true self. Maida believed that there is no human is not capable– because there is only fit or not fit.

Her utmost interest in human development making her trusted to be HR Director of Smart FM Network from 2006 – 2014. After learning Meta-Coaching straight from the founder, DR. L. Michael Hall, Maida start to get more active in human development field. She joined Jakarta Consulting Group as an associate trainer, specifically in personality development, communication, and public speaking. Since 2014, she started to focus herself in learning of human autenthicity. She believed that every man created different with their own charm and task in this world.

With the “Authentic Persona” Coaching Program, she hopes that more and more humans will realize for themselves of what they are, pursuing dreams that are their own dreams, and remain harmonized with their environment.

With such serious material, do not be surprised to find her style that seems young and casual. Because that is the true Maida identity.